Time, the most valuable currency

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As a faithful believer in the good use of free time to be happy, I always look for ways, not only to save money and have more time for myself, but to use those hours gained in things that I like. It is that time is the most valuable currency we have.

And it is because it is a scarce and non-renewable resource. Each second is unique and unrepeatable. What we do with it is our responsibility and nobody else can take charge of using it better than ourselves. Time, in addition, is totally linked to our happiness. That is why every time we are in a traffic jam, or that someone makes us lose time we become energetic.

One of the problems with time now is that we receive industrial quantities of information, probably a lot more than we can digest on a daily basis and we spend a huge amount of energy and time sorting and classifying this information. In addition to our daily tasks and being men and women "multitasking", we always occupy a large part of our day in things we could say useless: read news, "socialize" through social networks, read and respond to emails and text messages , clean our spam folders, and a very long etcetera.

With the shortage of time and the immediacy of the frantic pace that technology gives us, we always forget to create more time for ourselves and much less remember how to use that time in activities that nurture us more. The truth is that it is possible to save on small tasks and open spaces in our agenda to invest in our own growth.

The idea is to use free time in an activity that we like, something that relaxes us, that excites us, something that can become an acknowledgment in the future, or simply enjoy the small pleasures of life: walk with your child through the park, give affection to your dog, spend an afternoon talking with your grandparents, etc.

If at any time you want to know if what you are doing is something that you enjoy and that is really worth it, I recommend that you ask yourself if you will regret after not having done something else that moment.


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Good post💛💛🌷

Certainly my friend, time is a very important variable in our lives and that is why it is necessary to introduce the appropriate values to obtain a result according to what really makes us happy.