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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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Nowadays social media of many kinds, its function is also not limited to more easily connect with others. The reason people use social media also varies, there are limited to find new friends, keep the relationship (which in add friend just known aja), channeling the hobby, follow the trend, let exist, or business.

Some people who are stifling with the content of social media status who contain vent moody, or complaints may say "Use social media wisely!"

In my opinion, the effect of that curiosity that makes people look unwise in using social media. "Status already weighted kok nobody comment or like ya?" Although not spoken, in the inner every person who makes the status must have terbesit words like this. Finally, run to the status of worries and vent because more are responding. In other words can be attention.

One more thing that makes the social media users look like to be attentive is the habit of checking notification or refresh the timeline after posting something. The more often people do this habit, the more he is "thirsty" attention. Plus there is a sense of sadness or disappointment when it turns out no one responds to his post. So, if the response is good he will keep posting things smelly and tired or something like that, if there is no response he will also keep it. Just keep going.

As I mentioned above, there are people who think attention is a necessity and it is not to blame. I do not expect people to see this like me, but at least I have a more humanist thought to understand. On the contrary, I also hope people who like to make status or post smelly and vent look at social media users like me with more humanist.

This means that social media users like me want to see their friends sharing something more diverse. Post galled may, vent can also, but please do not frequent. We also must be aware if what we post is read and noticed many people. Mutual blame is a waste, so let's just respect each other as fellow users of social media.


Hello there Jamal :)

You comment has touched on what has been discussed both in my previous post and in the current one: compulsion towards social-networks and need for attention. But, like you stated here, whether our experience on social media becomes a constructive one or not, it will depend on our approach to it. As for respect, well that is something that first we have to apply to ourselves; only then we can also respect others.