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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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love this read, certainly i think im kinda in a depressed mode time to time, but always go trhought it, just sometimes all its really really hard, live here and try to stand my proyect and to reach new its the way that i find to work with my internal sadness, i do poetry, sing, its my way to take the best of the bad times, but im always in this cicle of being good, being bad, being goood, being baaad, i dont think its anoying but, i miss a lot of things, people that move out from here, the past, ahaha, i think that im always going over and over on the past.


Ow ... the past! It seems to me like you are a very nostalgic person @joseacabrerav

You see, that cycle you mention : good - bad - good - bad ... I propose something to you! Why don't you do some sort of test to learn a little bit more about yourself? For example, allocate the time of a month. Give yourself a goal you want to reach at the end of that month: Want to finish reading a book? Write 1 poem per day? Go for a walk three times a week?

On top of that, every time you feel tempted to revisit the past, make long term future goals. Decide where you want to be in life in 5, ten years time. There is a good exercise in psychology that goes like this. Imagine yourself in 10 years time, then, write a letter for the self you are today.

At the end of the month you will see how the cycle of good - bad - good -bad has diminished. Do you accept the challenge? :D

i do this challengue always abigail