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RE: Psychology Addict # 40 | How do You React to Your Own Negative Thoughts?

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Damian here has a very simple life quite easy going and no health challenges, the reason why he choose to be a ruminator is not really understood by me however I should tend you that people who find in difficult to move on after things like heated challenge between loved ones are often prone to commit suicide, they feel they're worthless and the more they go deeper into the abyss of their dark thoughts the more they don't want to to get out, they feel that feeling good is a weakness and they need to engross themselves in those kinda thoughts in order to feel closures .

I use to be a ruminator but it was because I had health challenges, I was broke and broken and all the poems and fiction I wrote on my sick bed were suicidal, you see?
But Damien here is different he definitely did not go through what I went to through, but sometimes it's even more deeper more darker and more complicating than we know or see, it could be as a result of loneliness or idleness that's brings out this ruminating tendencies, but it's more than definely that.

I didn't see a post front you last Friday, I hope you're well? It's alarming to miss your splendid Friday weekly, absolutely, thank you for bringing this through, I'm so elated I ready.

Hello my dearest @josediccus :) How nice to see your comment!

the reason why he choose to be a ruminator is not really understood by me

This is not really a choice Josediccus. It is a consequence of his psychological make up, as psychologists concluded that rumination is just yet another type of individual difference, due to cognitive inflexibility and not necessarily loneliness or idleness, which actually might be factors that enhance his rumination tendencies.

I am sorry to hear you went through times of mental and physical difficulties; but, I am very pleased to see you made it through it and are here gifting us with your beautiful poems! You have a gift 😊

Ps: Thank you for noticing my absence last Friday 😅 Everything has been fine. I just felt the need to take a break from my office/computer last weekend and enjoy the summer with my husband.

Much love to you always my dear :)

Wow and the fact that he is unaware of this conundrum that he's in makes it perplexing, one at times cannot explain how they're emotionally shaped up, it's generally experienced by people around them. So many people are like Damien and are generally unaware of the situation.

Thank you so much for this brilliantly written subject you brought today and thanks for clarifying to me as well.

Yeah u guess sometimes a break is needed from laptops and internets and all, I hope you're rejuvenated again?

he is unaware of this conundrum

You got it! 😎

Ahahaha, yes Josediccus, I do feel re-energized after my break :) ✨

💖💖💖 😀

I like the opinion of Victor Frankl on this topic. The man went through the horrors of fascist concentration camps only for the reason that he taught his mind to be distracted from negative thoughts. I think this is a very good live example.

Too much credit is given to Frankl's book (mis-titled as well in my view). Most people who survived the camps also survived mentally. Thank our biology.