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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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Wow it's another Friday Abigail, another after a seven minute read I'm rearing to dive in.
You see the truth is sometimes we desire to go for what people think about us.

We live in a Society where body shaming is rampant, people feel insecure to be thick and juicy in their body structure, simply because they will be labelled fat and not sexy enough that's why they rather go nude on places like instagram so as to get the approval of people who 80% of time tell them lies.
The feeling of belonging tears in mankind however the truth is being confident in one's capabilities suppresses this feeling which is of course natural.

Nevertheless confidence is never narcissism like you pointed out in fact the former is required in ever human being despite their backgrounds or lacking as this will inspire self believe
In a nutshell social media isn't bad at all, it's what we make of it that it turns out to be, the society we live in, must not have a say in our existences, this is a start in diminishing the urge to listen to people's opinion to ascertain who we are.

Thank you so much @abigail-dantes it's always a fabulous Friday reading all your amazing posts you should start a weekly magazine, you're too amazing

My Dear @josediccus ❤ :)

What can I add to your wonderful comment? Not much!

There is nothing wrong with seeking for belonging and approval. It is part of how we built. What might make this search detrimental is how we do it, like you so elaborately said.

Thank you for contributing to our debate once again with you incredible insights :) A magazine? That is a good idea. Maybe one day when I have more time :*

You take care.
Much love to you.

In a society very judgmental we must acknowledged and live according to our rules and jurisdiction as nobody can claim to be be perfect as to whether to judge.
That's why people should not be conformed by the yardstick of other people, this can make people do the wrong things in other to belong, but doing the right things and showing confidence in all endeavours

Thank you so much @abigail-dantes for always blowing me away, I guess I should expect another block buster next week, yes?

Yes please, a weekly magazine (e-zine?) would be lovely. I greatly enjoy reading your well constructed articles and love that you include sources with every one of them.

Thank you @mattifer :) e-zine? What a smart, catchy name! 😃

Abigail, thanks! I'd love to take credit for the term e-zine, but alas, it's not my own. I'm looking forward to reading yours though! ;-)

We live in a Society where body shaming is rampant, people feel insecure to be thick and juicy in their body structure, simply because they will be labelled fat

I don't see the problem in telling people, that they are not living healthy, especially if they start complaining about it. Being overweight/obese is one of the main health issues today, which accumulates in billions of medical costs. Besides that, fat people receive sometimes even unfair advantages:
Why do I have to pay extra for my 20 kg luggage on a plane, which will, if added to my body weight, equal roughly 100 kg in total, while a fat person with a body weight of 150 kg pays less, if he has no luggage at all?

My point is:
I don't care about body types, but as soon as somebody complains about how unfair "society" treats him, I will always point out the flaws in his own logic. It's not always the fault of big, bad, evil society, but quite often your own laziness and unwillingness to change.

I think you can shame people for their decisions. Obesity that is the result of a condition is far rarer than obesity that is the result of a choice.

Great i totally i agree with your with that you expressed

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