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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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Dear @Abigail, another very interesting topic, maybe all of us at some point have come to the Dark Forest, for one reason or another, there are those who remain in it and there are others who overlap and come out faster. If professional help is sought it is easier to leave the Dark Forest because it is a state where you feel sad, upset, downcast, anguished, sometimes with thoughts of suicide, because we believe that sadness and anger will never leave you and your situation will never improve . But if you can go out and we must do our part and have a lot of patience because it requires time to completely heal.

Oh and by the way if I saw the Gorilla. ;)
I hope you have a Happy weekend.


I believe that in life, we all, inevitably, encounter the Dark Forest too @joserar22. The important thing is indeed to acknowledge where we are and evaluate our suffering. As I believe that only then the way our becomes clear :)

Thank you for your comment!

True, we have to recognize that we should not remain there and encourage ourselves to leave because outside the Forest life is more beautiful and our life should continue.