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RE: Psychology Addict # 58 | Punishment – An Overview Through the Lens of Psychology.

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I am a kindergartenteacher and a grandmother. Living with children I always tried to avoid punishment. The reaction from parents or others has to be in relation to the "wrong" behavior like a consequence of it. Punishing is most of the time to reduce loved things (freedom, money, internet...) that has nothing to do with consequences... thanks for your thoughts and infos! Greetings from Germany Kadna

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Hello Kadna :) It's nice to see you here. Good opportunity to thank you for your support (including re-esteeming my last post)!

behaviour can also arise, be sustained or modified by means of the consequences that follow it

The consequence meaning either reinforcement or punishment. It has been largely demonstrated that this sort of consequence does either give rise to, maintain or alter behaviour :D. With punishment being, in Skinnerian terms, an event that follows an action that leads to the decreased frequency of it.

I do agree that when it comes to children a more productive way to inform them about rules and norms is through reinforcement. Because, as observed in the article, punishment is limited in the way that only tells them what not to do, and often fails to guide them towards the desired conduct. Children more than any one are the ones who need information and guidance. Through kindness and compassion that is :)

The little ones who are under your care are indeed privileged ones!

Greeting from Portugal,


Thank you for your support too 😉 maybe you know @agmore?

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@agmoore lives in my heart Kadna :) So, yep. I do know her!

I like her very much. She reads my Posts by heart.

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Wish you could see my face...such a smile. So happy you and @abigail-dantes have made a connection. Perfect :))

Yes, life is perfect ;-)

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And you live in mine, my dear Abigail. Thank you so much!