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RE: Psychology Addict # 65 | Self-Awareness: Investigating the Past & Making New Year’s Resolutions.

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Thank you for your very good post! Unfortunately i am not good enough in speaking english, for there is one point i want to talk about. I try it with my words hoping there will not be any missunderatnding. ;-)
I think there is only the now. That is the point where we have the power...
the power to react
the power to make plans
the power to learn from the past
the power to communicate with others or with myself or with god roe example
the power of feeling myself in all dimensions
the power of reflecting situations, occasions...
the power for a change
the power for the first step - into another "now" which determines the next steps - therefore plans could be made, but remaining lively (not static) ...
every now can bring me the same goal (maybe a little bit different like yesterday) - so i agree with you that a goal is a good thing, but it is not in the future - there could happen so many things that i now can't see.... I don't know the future - the past is gone (giving me experiences and "wisdom") - there is only this "NOW". Every step starts from the now...
I hope you understand what i was thinking about... Best regards Kadna


Good morning @kadna :D

It's nice to see you around. Also, you have made yourself perfectly clear :) Great reflection about the past as a provider of experience and wisdom, excellent observation about making 'non-static' plans. Very well put. Flexibility is an essential element for psychological well-being! Good point about the future, about the uncertainty of it. I think it's this very uncertainty, the so many possibilities that may unfold that prompts us to turn to plans (plans gives us a sense of control).

But, as you emphasized: it can only be all executed in the now. No one can dispute that the now is our forum for action!

Your understanding remind me very much of E. Tolle's ideas. I bought his book The Power of Now a few months ago. I like his concept of 'clock time' (the use of time for the practical aspects of life).

He says (p. 66):

If you set yourself a goal and work toward it, you are using clock time. You are aware of where you want to go, but you honor and give your fullest attention to the step you are taking at this moment.

I like that line very much :)

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post @kadna, and I truly appreciate the valuable information you took the time to share here with us. You have reminded us of something very important: of being mindful!

Merry Christmas & all the best to you,

Thank you for your nice reply and for Tolle's words. I like them too. ;-)

Merry Christmas - enjoy the moment(s) ;-) Kadna