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RE: Giving A Name To That Which Scares Us

in #psychology3 years ago

We get all worked up and excited and instead of thinking about how amazing it will be when we get it, a little voice pops up that fills us with dread.

Yes, that's me tooooo
When things are not right, obviously I worry
Then when are right, I start preparing for in case it goes wrong, managing my expectations/happiness so when it happens, the fall isn't so hard... because I was ready for it
It used to consume me, but I have learnt to redirect all that energy but I need to make a conscious effort....
Dorothy eh? :)
Thank you for sharing @jusipassetti


It can be quite frustrating that we do it like @kaerpediem. At least you are now aware of it and by being aware of it you can continue to put in the effort to redirect those behaviors. All the best.

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