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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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I remember I was one of those who was shocked to find out that there was a gorilla. So, @abigail-dantes, I truly believe that we have to be purposeful in what we focus on. A few years ago, I stopped thinking I was too old and decided that I was just getting started... that I was actually in my prime... and lo and behold, I stopped feeling old. So, back to your friend, it's because she is looking forward instead of behind, she's on the mend.


Hello my dear @karencarrens :)

Oh! Thank you very much for sharing this with us. This sort of change in our perspectives of the world always fascinates me. And even more so when they really make a difference in the way we experience the world around us! This is a good one. And yes, only when decided to lift her head up things began to change inside her!

Much love to you my dear :*