Brain-Farts, Brain-Drain and Brain-"Dead"

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We all fart.Farts aren't only gas from the body though. A brain fart isn't gas from the brain though, it's symbolic. A brain fart is like a temporary blip or empty pocket of air (gas) in the mind where we can't recall something. I'm not making this up. It's become a term used sometimes.


A Google search returns these results.

a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly.

An instance of absent-mindedness or forgetfulness
Something ill-considered and said or done impulsively.

"I'm having a brain fart and can't spell his name correctly"

When you are attempting to remember something very obvious, something that you know you should know. This feeling often leads to head banging and hair pulling.

I'm talking about brain farts because sometimes I have them. I say something that was dumb, or forget how to talk about something properly or use the proper term. Has this ever happened to you?

When I came back from vacation I had a day or two of brain farting, brain-drain and lack of ability or motivation to get into the posting groove again.

Brain-drain is different from a brain fart. I'm not talking about the economic or academic brain drain of "the emigration of highly trained or intelligent people from a particular country." That;s when skilled or educated workers leave, and essentially drains the brain power of a country so-to-speak.

The brain-drain that I'm talking about is when your brain is drained and not feeling like thinking. You just don't feel like thinking, you don't want to think. The energy is drained from your brain, and you are left brain-"dead" in a way.

Brain-"dead" isn't the literal brain death, or like in some traumatic brain injuries where someone is in an induced coma or kept alive by machines alone. Being brain-"dead" is like being stupid. YOu just can't think well. In that capacity, much of society is not too good at thinking well or critically, and is brain-"dead" much of their lives, preferring to engage in physical pleasure gratifications and entertaining distractions that keep them dumbed-down, rather than learn how to think better.

It's a sad state to recognize, the potential for human consciousness and thinking being wasted away on frivolous and superficial entertainment. So much time and energy is being wasted away by humanity collectively. Imagine the power of tapping into the human potential, how the world could change exponentially for the better if we better directed our time, energy and thinking? It's interesting and sad to think about. We are wasting so much potential that can be used to make a better world. I can be doing more as well.

Do you ever feel like you are under-utilized, under-employed or not living up to the potential that's within you?

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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I think everyone of us experience brain farts and brain drain. Sometimes, my mind is blank and I am unable to think, or even to remember a name of someone despite struggling. However, when our brain gets a signal , it starts working and that is the reason that later, we suddenly remember that name, that we couldn't remember earlier. I thnk brain farts/ drain occurs when you are mentally tired.

Being tired is a main culprit for sure ;)

I have experienced Brain farts when in the fallacy of multitasking because you are expected to be able to answer emails, chats and voice calls all the same time while, reading a certain law on human rights and deliberating if to fire or not fire someone.

That extent of distraction can make someone lose concentration and apt for making mistakes. So I try not to multitask as best as I can.

Brain-drain yup happens as well when all the ideas in your mind have been used up in trying to explain that that the cause of the high attrition is because of a bad manager who is a favorite. That all your logical, creative and reasoning just leaves you because you have exhausted all trying to explain and they won't budge.

Brain dead well I see these with the people who value short useless content like eating a Tide pod or news about the Kardashians or believing that Kanye is right when he said that Slavery was a choice by the African Americans.

I agree that if the effort is placed to make things better, to learn and absorb knowledge and find the truth we can be a better society but as it is the powers at be wants to dumb people down so that they can continue to rule and so they invest heavily in these viral videos, dictate what is cool and use cinema and tv to hide the truth and exert propaganda.

I would reply with something witty but I am tired and brain drained. I would most likely produce a brain fart, perhaps I just did. 😀

upvoted. for me man, my brain farting happens directly after work and before bed. it seems i am sharpest in the morning and very acute, but after work im farting... when i hit the gym im refocused and less gassy and after a meal back to farting.

LOL, good play on the fart analogy there :P

I always thought of brain farts as part of the human condition. I have them and pay for having them too. I often think the gas from a brain fart is the friction of the gears turning. I also wonder if the gears are wearing away at times. lol

Yeah, pretty much part and parcel of the human condition :P

Stress can strike at any time without looking at time and make a person difficult to think or may forget. This condition because of the stress that appears affect the pattern of thinking.

Stress that arises can affect almost the entire body ranging from physical, psychological to a person's mindset. If this continues to happen then it could have a more serious impact again.

When a person is under stress especially if he feels anxious or depressed then his ability to think clearly and objectively will be disrupted. This condition will make him feel less capable or become weaker than the real,

One fact that arises is that stress can inhibit the ability of the brain to learn new things or remember old things (disrupt memory). When a person tries hard to remember he will become increasingly incapable. This condition makes someone sometimes feel 'blank' when under stress or stress conditions.

But when someone has given up thinking about it or being in a relaxed mood, then things to keep in mind sometimes can suddenly pop into someone's mind.

This is because during the stress the body will respond by releasing hormones that can trigger physical changes as well as heart muscle to beat faster and tense. Hormones released into the bloodstream during stress will affect the brain and its ability to think.

If stress begins to attack and interfere with the ability to think, then the thing that can be done is a short rest to relax that can calm anxiety and help the body and mind recover.

Relaxation can be done in a simple way such as:

Choose a quiet place and not be disturbed by others
Make yourself comfortable
Begin to breathe slowly and deeply with a calm mood
Do not force yourself to relax, but try to release the tension in the muscle that allows people to relax and then try to eliminate the disturbing thoughts.
If possible try to imagine beautiful and fun things while closing your eyes.
thank you sir @krnel., your article is very good.
greetings from me

You seriously still use google? come on man, call yourself clued up?. shakes head and walks away.

I like how the text is formatted, compacted and has more to show for keywords I search for. startpage, duckduckgo, meh... google can know what I search, have fun google... whatever. Can you give a really good reason why I should go for a less desirable search result site? Why google is evil for me to search with? Thanks.

Not a chance, I am not some sort of unpaid puppet, you figure it out yourself, you are a grown man, and nothing I say will change your mind, so "up to you" as they say in Thailand.

My apologies, I had a migraine last night and went off on a bit of a rant session.

Good says

Learning by the moments, brain farting, i think I am guilty of this, but how do one prevent it for happening too often.

Good post .. I never felt it. But I do not know what the cause .. thanks for the information

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