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RE: Psychology Addict # 57 | Memories From The After Life.

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That was very good. Very interesting. It's awesome that these things (things that are associated with spirit and the supernatural) are finally being studied scientifically. It's really hard to say definitively what happens when a person dies or what causes NDE's or what they mean. As you pointed out there are so many different theories out there and different ways of interpreting the evidence/data. Some people believe that when a person dies, DMT is released in the brain at a higher dose than normal, or possibly that the same dose is released but not broken down by the MAO enzyme. That could fall into the hallucination theory and explain the cases where individuals perceive other beings or Angel's ??? Another "big ol" question mark on that one lol.

That question that you put forward at the end about the mind possibly existing as separate from the body is very interesting. I'm sure I'll be thinking about that for a while.

Well done!

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I am so pleased to hear you found this post interesting. I was particularly looking forward to your feedback. Throughout my readings I did come across the parallels between the effects of DMT and NDE experiences. I separated a bunch of studies to look into later on. My understanding of DMT is minimum, only recently I learnt that it's a serotonergic compound. But, yeah, from what you observe here it would add to the hallucination hypotheses. But, can hallucinations occurs when cortical activities are down? 😣

Questions, questions and more questions? :)

As for my last query: "the mind possibly existing as separate from the body". Well, the comment you left me all those months contributed that too! If your thoughts about it yield some writings, please do share them with us here on the platform @leaky20.

Bye bye for now :D
I wish you two and the doggies a lovely weekend!
Best :)

I just remembered a random tid bit of information. A few years back I listened to an audio book called "Spook" science tackles the afterlife. In a researcher discussed searching for the "soul." They actually weighed humans as they were dying (with their consent) in a special chamber that I completely forget what it's called lol. But it's rare and super sensitive, evening factoring the weight of evaporating water from a human through breathing and sweating and such. Anyway, they found that at death a person loses a tiny amount of weight - like in the micro or nano gram range or something. The researchers discussed the possibility of that being the soul leaving the body. It's all speculation of course but it's something to think about in terms of the relating to the mind as being separate from the body. Anyway, it was pretty fringe science, but interesting nonetheless

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No wonder why the book is called Spook!:O

I feel like I am swimming in questions and materials to cover :P
Thank you for this additional piece of info @leaky20 :D

I just thought if something. Netflix recently released a movie called "The Discovery" which is about the afterlife. I just finished it last night. Im not sure if you have netflix or not but if you do, the movie is quite good. It's the type of movie where at times you're like "okay this is sort of boring." But then it all comes together at the end and you're like "Damn! That was soooo good. I should have paid more attention throughout. I should re-watch it."

You know. One of those type of movies. Haha. But it's an interesting theory of the afterlife.

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I've just checked to see if it's available on our Netflix, and it is!

I began to watch the trailer (good actors!) but didn't want to spoil the story. It's booked for tonight at 20:00 o'clock :P Movie night! My husband said yes to it too :D

Thank you @leaky20!

Nice. Let me know what you and your husband thought of it - liked or disliked :)

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Hey @leaky20,

I'd like to let you know my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed last night's movie. The story-line, the acting and setting. I also found the soundtrack quite enthralling. haunting even, at times.

Generally, I am not a big fan of Netflix production movies but this one is a surprising exception! Intriguing( and disturbing) take on the afterlife topic.

Thank you very much for the recommendation :)
Have a great afternoon.

I'm glad that you both enjoyed it. I tend to often feel similarly about Netflix movies. They are usually - "meh" 😐
They remind me of Canadian made films - not great hahaha.
I thought this one was pretty good though. Interesting idea and raised some challenging philosophical questions as well. It made me think a little bit.

Have a good day :)

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I will! I will message you about it tomorrow afternoon ;)

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