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RE: Psychology Addict # 64 | The Romantic Love Delusion.

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If people are basing their expectations of what a good relationship looks like, on romantic comedies, then they are definitely in trouble lol. That is a good point though, how media (and stories) throughout our lives shape our expectations of reality - often to a detriment.

That part about Platos theory of love was really interesting. I had never heard that before but it definitely makes a lot of sense to me. That also goes for the part about a relationship being about learning and gaining knowledge. Very interesting.

The part about soul mates was also interesting. I have a hard time believing in the idea of a soul mate as being a perfectly matched individual for a specific person that you seek out in life and you're lucky if you ever happen to find that person. The way you describe soul mates in your article though makes a lot more sense to me.

Great article. Nice work, as usual.

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Hey @leaky20 :)

It's nice to hear you found Plato's teachings on love and Tugaleva's concept of soul mate interesting. I like these notions very much too. They're realistic! Talking about realism ... I think that society misconceptions go way beyond the subject of romantic love. I believe this same sort of discussion can be developed about wealth, happiness, friendship and so on :) Maybe something worth writing about?

Thank you for taking the time to read my work once again, but above all thank you for your constant support and encouragement.

All the best to you two!

I definitely agree with all of that. I remember my first realization of the discrepancy between expectations based on, in this case movies, and reality. In high school I thought prom was going to be much bigger (i.e. feel more important and significant) then what it actually was. Maybe our imaginations are just too big? lol
Surprisingly, a movie that really got the idea about expectations in life right was the Adam Sandler movie "click." I love the analogy in that movie that goes "we are all chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but when we finally get there we realize that it's just corn flakes." I love that.

Best to you and your husband as well.

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Ha! LOVE that (quote from Click ):D