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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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Another great read @abigail-dantes, thank you so much for your inspiring blogs. Wait a minute, my work is included in your reference list? That is a Great Honor for me! Thank you so much!!

I have found myself lost in the Dark Forest many times in the past and I always managed to get out of there by focusing on the positive side of things. We are creatures of habit which become what they do; I've always lived life keeping this into mind.

By integrating constructive practices and approaches in our daily existence they become our second nature.

I force myself to stay productive and work overtime during hardships, as it actually helps keep my mind occupied instead of overthinking about every single detail regarding my problems. It also keeps me motivated and makes me want to work more; staying productive can be rather satisfying for me and makes me forget about all negativity.

With this aspect of life under control one is able to widen perspectives, to be prepared for opportunities when they arise, to comfort those in need.

Mapping a problem is the best way to ensure one won't make the wrong decisions. However in life you can change reality by changing the way you perceive the world. That way you can erase unnecessary problems if you find the right motivation.

By the way I actually noticed that gorilla passing by, the main reason why I did is the white color on the gorilla's facial characteristics (teeth), which made me take a quick look at the weird figure.

Thank you for making my day! :)

PS: My best wishes to your friend. Hope she never has to go back to that Dark Forest.


My dearest @lordneroo. You are so incredibly sweet! It is my honor to have the opportunity to read your work, and be able to use it in my reflections and writings.

Thank you for all the insight you shared here. It looks like we resort to similar methods when it comes to addressing emotional issues :)

So, you saw the gorilla! My husband did it too. Almost straight away. So, now in the comment session I have you who has seen the gorilla and have another two Steemians who haven't!

I wish you & your mum a peaceful weekend! :*

I wish you & your mum a peaceful weekend!

You are so sweet. Thank you so much for remembering!
I will let her know you care!

Have a great weekend!

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Yes I often mind refuge in workaholism too!