A useful mind hack to help you in these times of stress...

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I was watching a you tube recently about this subject, and it reminded me of something that I heard a long time back, from someone who's much wiser than I will ever be.

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You die if you worry, and you die if you don't - so why worry?

This isn't a glib one liner, not if you decide to really think about it.
It's a simple - but profound - way, for you to take control of negative feelings in your life.

Worry is a long term, negative emotional state. Like a watered down state of fear.
But still a state of fear non the less.

With that in mind (and prompted by the vid I just watched), I thought I'd give you my take on how to 'not worry', and be happy.
This is something that I've used myself, many moons ago - and it does work.
Brainwashing yourself to think differently, and in doing so,making your life better, is a very common sense approach, I think.
I like common sense.

So, without further ado....

Lets mind hack this mutha fucker.....

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Getting rid of worry....

Be scared.

Do not be fearful.

Okay, okay, the definitions of the two words DO overlap, but for the purposes of this
post, just go with me on this one, ok?
You can thank me later.

To be scared = an 'in the present' emotion.
To be fearful = A longer term state that leads to feeling negative generally.

Being fearful is downright shite.
It's unhealthy in every way possible, from melancholy moods, to actual physiological symptoms.

Basically, living in a state of fear (of worry),is a negative in every way possible.

So, rather than being fearful, just be scared instead!

Scared is a 'in the moment' emotion.
It's fleeting feeling, not a 'background constant'.

For example,
You were scared when the aggressive dog came running up to the gate, barking and growling, for a few seconds. You might have been scared initially, but it didn't screw up the rest of your day. (You were on the other side of the gate. lol)
In the same scenario, (and living in a state of fear) - your day would be fucked up, as the experience only added to your state of fear. More anxiety added, if you will.

To use the 'being scared' paradigm, you first have have to acknowledge it's existence.
And then you have to tell it to fuck right off.

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Denying 'being scared' to yourself, means that it will only morph into a state of fear at some point in the future.
Suppressing the emotion of being scared doesn't mean it will go away - it becomes a cancer in your mind. Festering and growing into that state of fear.

ADMITTING your scared - in the now - faces the emotion head on.

Ok, so now your scared. Shitting yourself in fact...
(Corona psi-op, economic collapse, no food in supermarkets, whatever your poison might be - But now it's out in the open and 'present' in your own head).

Now take that emotion, and bin it. Not suppress it.
Accept its there but don't let it rule you. Fuck that. 'you're not the boss of me'
You've now accepted that your scared, so there's no need to dwell on it.

It's the NON acceptance of being scared that will lead you down the path of being fearful. And that's a very shit place, in which to live your life.

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Be scared, bin it, and enjoy your life - 'cos if you don't you will end up living in a state of fear.
...And living in a state of fear will lead to you making bad decisions of every kind- from economical choices, to relationships, to the most basic decision making.

NO GOOD comes from living in that state.

So, you've had a good day not being scared or living in state of fear. Great.
Then you go to bed, and sleep soundly. (fear generally doesn't allow for a good sound sleep.)

Then you wake up, and it all begins again....
And everyday, you then have to remind yourself to accept the scared feelings.
(and then throw them in the bin).

Training your own mind to do this will lead to not living in state of fear. Of depression, of nihilism.
Brainwash yourself to live in the now, discard the 'scared' feeling - daily - and say goodbye to the long term 'state of fear' existence.
(existing and living are two very different things)

Be scared, accept it, BIN IT, and then be happy for the rest of today.

Tomorrows not here yet, so don't worry about it.

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Always remember one thing...

Living in a fearful state is what 'they' want you feel.

When you start to hear the words angrily buzzing around in your head"...FUCK YOU, I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME" then you'll know the self brainwashing is starting taking effect! (well that's what it was for me, kinda)

Well done!


Sound advice and some more how to 'bin it' would be brilliant : )
When someone is prone to get stuck in negative states, I found that bin it is not so helpful to them if not irritating. (I was very young what can you expect)

I have seen your last few posts and I like the new style.
I liked the old style as well it made me laugh a lot.

The post with the garden shots (were those your legs) was kinda relaxing and peaceful.


Thanks so much for this very insightful and helpful article. It's feels really good to hear how other people overcome feelings of fear in their lives. What i'm feeling right now is that people are fearful of getting close to one another.

Luckily yesterday when I went to one grocery store, the people in that store were not moving away from me and it felt normal and it was such a relief. I was so thankful to everyone who moved close to me, it felt good.

Then when I went into the other store, they had an announcement stating that to keep distance from customers and staff and not get close. Customers were literally stopping when I came close and it was so obvious they were trying to avoid one another. This made me really angry, I had to shout out, "For Gosh Sakes" and then I had to calm down because this is not good to get angry and I have to remain calm and understand that people just don't know any better and are only doing what they are told to do.

My feelings about this virus, is there is no virus making people sick. The fear of isolation from one another, being cut off from each other, the fear of imprisonment of house arrest, the fear of catching this "disease demon," this is what is making people sick, not this so-called virus.

I have to admit, it makes me very upset if i'm treated like i'm infectious and people need to be afraid of me, it can cause me to become angry, sad, then feeling like i can't continue to live with people like this because it will run me down.

Imagine how hard it is for people who live alone and have little contact to begin with. Then going out and people running away from when they get close. This is very damaging I feel and detrimental to our health and well-being.

I would really like to hear your thoughts about this and how you feel and deal with what is going on. Thanks so much for writing this article.

Imagine how hard it is for people who live alone and have little contact to begin with.

I live a semi recluse life now, so this has not affected me hardly at all, tbh.
I have nothing to 'deal with'.
(The older I get, the less time I have for idiots sheep).

We have our plot of land, and our doggy. And the internet. It's more than enough.
( I haven't been shopping for more than 3 months! and it doesn't bother me one bit!...lol)

You are so lucky. I really admire your lifestyle and worldview. I long for a semi recluse life. I cannot stand being around people like this, i'm trying not to let it bother me, but it's so ridiculous.

I called them sheep today and I was told not to do that because it was not nice. I said well what will I call them then? lol

You live the life of my dreams. I will make this happen for me too.

Deep down I always liked you, and now I know why.

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