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RE: Psychology Addict # 64 | The Romantic Love Delusion.

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Yet another good post, but it does go an bit! lolol (joke).

The reason I say that, in all seriousness (serious face going on)..

The cobination of media, combined with material afllunece, has led to people not growing up.
If you're not grown up, you get bored with your toys and want new ones.
When time were tougher, and roles were defined (pre sexual revolution), grown up were just that- and made relationships work.

Decadence breeds weak people children...

Simplistic? Very. But I'm very simple.

(this is not relationship advise, bu if you're having problems with the poor Mr Dantes, just assume that he's always right

All the best to you guys!


Hey @lucylin :D

So, you managed to write in a couple of lines what I tried to convey in 1500 words! :P

Only a couple of weeks ago I had a talk to a colleague about the apparently pervasive 'Peter pan syndrome' Ref. in our society. We were pinpointing the possible underlying social causes for this sort of behaviour and its resulting consequences. Of course, committing to serious relationships was the one that came up over and over again!

We were half-jokingly trying to imagine people in the Victorian times sporting this sort of notion about life: Refusing to deal with the responsibilities of the adult world. Anyhow, this is how the world works, I suppose. While we advance in so many domains, we go back or remain stuck in others :)

What? Mr. Dantes always right?! Please ... :P

We're both fine over here <3 you guys take care over there and keep on enjoying the peachy life!! <3 :)

What do you call someone with peter pan syndrome for 4-6 hours a day, to replaced with Adult for the rest of it.....?

A/ Lucylin!