Alternative perception of life. Life on the contrary, exercise will strengthen your memory.

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                                                               Hi Stem

                 As if working in my company, I thought about it, but what if our whole life is the opposite?  And now I am 25, and I am no longer young, but on the contrary, I am already in a mature and conscious age.  Look at your elderly relatives, they rejoice in trifles, behave like children, do everything in their own way, they have a bad memory (reminds forgetful children who are 5-6 years old).  I think quite an interesting similarity between the elderly and children.


                Let's try to reconsider the life of a man who lived his life to 80 years.  I will write in the first person.
               I don’t have a memory at all, but I still know something, like my family and friends, yeah, they kindly look after me and visit me, feed me, buy food, I love them.  2 years have passed, I began to learn and remember a lot, here are my friends and now we are going to have fun with them, the state pays me money called a pension very well.
              Oooh little kids have come and call me grandfather, how beautiful and funny they are, with them we can play toys, walk in the park, feed the ducks in the pond and everything happens so nicely and nicely.  Yes, I like it, they are such paws.
 Damn it a great time, I am free, I have my own big house, I have food, clothes, even a car — but as long as I am afraid to ride it, I have not yet gotten a heart for him.  My relatives come to me, hug me, I sing their tea and treat them to cookies, all the days I walk or watch TV at home.
               A couple of decades have passed, and now I work in a company, a lot of people work here and everyone treats me with respect, as well as I get paid money.  Strangely enough, my grandchildren no longer come to me, my children are much younger, and they are now studying at the university.
               Another couple of years passed, an accident (car accident) occurred, and now there is a woman in my life, she is very beautiful, we now live in our house, our children now live with us and we love them very much.
               ("N" years later) OO my God, my children are now very small, they need an eye and an eye, my beloved wife, she hardly keeps pace with them, she quit her job and now looks after our children.  At work, it is getting harder and harder. I rarely go home to feed both our family and pay loans.
              ("N" years later) Now I don’t have a home, my wife has a stomach, we just recently graduated from university.  Our children also disappeared and my wife and I are happy and are walking in the park in the fresh air, visiting friends for the weekend.  Some more time passed, and now the stomach is completely gone and we can enjoy life, take everything from life, go to parties, go for a walk where we want and when we want, make unrestrained love, and just be happy.
                (N years later) We stopped making love with my girlfriend, just walked and talked, stopped kissing, but just went to the movies, went to the seaside for attractions.  My body became stronger, and I feel strong in it, I entered school in grade 11, and there I met a girl from a parallel class.  Every year we all move away from each other, less communication and only peering around the lessons in the corridor of our school.  After a while she stopped being interesting to me, I started basketball and with friends I go to the basketball section.  Every year it becomes more and more difficult for us to throw the ball into the basket, because we become smaller, and the game becomes more and more interesting.  Ltd. cars, what they are cool as I love these cool robots here, I have a full box of toys and have my own room, I walk all day and spend at home with my parents, who are so young and beautiful.  I don’t have anything in the world. I’m free to do everything a teenager wants.  After some time, my muscles began to fade, and I began to walk worse and very soon I could not run so fast.  Here I am on the handles of my beloved mother, I eat and sleep, eat and sleep, what could be more beautiful and carefree this moment.
                 The wowy has become dark, now the food comes to me right through the tube directly into the body, no need to chew and chew on something.  It is very warm and cozy here, I swim, I move my arms and legs less and less; I have nothing to do with it.  Now I have no pens at all.
                 Vzhuuuhhh and my life turned into an

         And try at the end of the working day, remember your whole day backwards.  For example: you gave your money to the boss, deleted the design work on the computer, got into your car and went home to sleep.
        In this test, I wrote a concise alternative perception of life without clarification and emotional reinforcement.  If you experience emotions on the back and remember their sequence, it will be both fun and huge PLUS it will strengthen your memory.  We remember most of all strong and high-quality emotions such as joy, anger, happiness and resentment.
Thank you for reading my test to the end, I hope you enjoyed it, I will write my extraordinary ideas and conclusions here in my blog, thank you.