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RE: Psychology Addict # 35 | Talking About Naughty Children: Treading on Egg Shells

in #psychology3 years ago

Hello friend @Abigail excellent topic with great relevance today since it is true that children starting school age show an aggression because they start their individual self-defense within the group and it is advisable to provide them with a lot of affection, teach them to follow instructions and prioritize the activities to strengthen their personality, where the position of the parents influences which, being permissive or not very communicative, induces them to be antisocial seekers of situations to get attention but if they are informed and sometimes punished (not abuse) or suspend what they like is notorious to improve the relationship because that is why there is the award or punishment according to Jean Piaget psychologist where it induces them to behave as a habit.

I hope you spend a happy weekend surrounded by little angels.


I like Jean Piaget very much too @marlenis :)

Thank you for your comment!

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