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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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The big mistake: "live thinking about who we should be instead of cultivating what we are".

This question you ask is key: "But, how far are we willing to go to be accepted and belong?"

This invites us to make a self-reflection and ask ourselves, how much do we think we need to change to be accepted? It's crucial to keep the difference between trust and self-esteem, since a narcissistic person can not be treated as one who is not. It 's basic to understand that a person with confidence will always seek the advancement of others and will not feel fear of being overcome, while the narcicist will try to dominate the fear that someone will overcome and this reinforces their low self-esteem. In terms of social networks, it is healthy to want others to be part of our achievements and share them and even motivate others to achieve the same, to be someone of positive influence for society; however, the problem comes when the need for that approval is directly proportional to our low self-esteem. When we become what others want us to be, it is extremely dangerous because at the end of the day when there is no contact with the networks, only the inner emptiness that must be filled through self-reflection, knowledge and insight increases. We will not achieve that in a "like".

Much to reflect as a society!

Thank you @abigail-dantes for your excellent article as always, Blessings.


Thank you very much for this insightful comment @mela88 :) I suppose that it is that inner-emptiness we all are afraid of facing!

All the best :*

Exactly @abigail-dantes, , but when facing it everything flows better. And when we have God much more. Good day!