Caring for children is everybody's job !!

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Our children are the most precious creatures that God could give us, they are helpless beings, full of unconditional love, they are pure and innocent ... For this reason we must be alert to any danger they may present or to any sign of child sexual abuse.

Parents alert to these signals.

He has nightmares that prevent him from sleeping.

His attitude is withdrawn and begins to be more reserved.

Gets angry easily. He has mood swings and he feels insecure.

It has regressions (behaviors of younger children).

He has a sexual attitude with his toys or other objects.

It shows fear of certain places and different people.

Change your eating habits (Not very hungry or excessive).

It hurts itself (cuts, burns or does anything to hurt itself).

You have unexplained marks or bruises on your body, mouth or near your genitals.

He does not want to be alone with any one person, even children.

You have pain or bleeding in your genitals, anus or mouth.
He suffers from pain when urinating.

Your underwear is often dirty.


How to protect our children.

Know the facts: Adults have a responsibility to protect children. Accept reality.

Minimize the risks: Be aware that sexual abuse occurs when a child is alone with an adult. Know who you leave with your child and what they do.

Talk about it: In general, children keep the abuse secret, but the barriers will fall if you talk openly about the matter.

Stay alert: Do not expect obvious signs that a child is being sexually abused.

Find out, know how to react: Know where to go, who to call and how to react. Child sexual abuse is a crime. Denounce it!

Act when you suspect: The future well-being of a child is at risk.

Get Involved: Volunteer to support organizations that fight against sexual abuse and child abuse.