Let's talk about healthy egoism.

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Hello, how are you all? Let's try a topic that for some people is a bit strange, let's talk about selfishness. We all know that selfishness is synonymous with evil and being a bad person with others, but did they know that there is also healthy selfishness? Well, yes, there is healthy selfishness in which we think of ourselves without harming others.

"Healthy selfishness consists in respecting one's own needs and feelings, even if others do not. Above all, if others do not. "

Positive selfishness does not mean to harm or neglect others, is to take care of yourself, is to learn to love and respect yourself for being.

Healthy selfishness leads us to make decisions that will improve our state of mind, promoting changes and favoring relationships on a personal, social and professional level.

Healthy selfishness becomes the key piece of happiness, a healthy selfishness that involves loving others as oneself, without feeling guilty.


Reasons to cultivate healthy selfishness

Taking care of yourself and your needs will promote good self-esteem, strengthen your interpersonal and professional relationships.

  1. Reinforce self-love: Show others your own value.

  2. Look for happiness: It's your job, your responsibility and your objective.

  3. Improve your health: Prioritize your needs away from stress and its consequences.

  4. Less guilt: If you say no to something you do not want, you reaffirm your commitment to yourself, not to others.

  5. Want better: Thinking first of all offers the possibility of loving others with equal love and respect.

  6. Help better: When you put yourself first and take care of yourself, you have more energy to take care of others.

  7. Enjoy the present: Time passes and everything you are enjoying will not come back.

  8. Respect: If you respect yourself you accept and respect the needs of others.

  9. Better relationships: If you are selfish positive people have more difficulties to manipulate you or take advantage of you.

  10. Because you deserve it.


It is not about doing everything for myself, but about doing what is best for me so that later my relationships with others can be healthier.

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