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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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Dear @abigail-Dante’s, I really enjoyed how you put this post together with several little stories. I took the test focused so much that I didn’t see the gorilla either.
I have been in the dark woods before and the only things that got me through it were therapy, time and good friends. It takes a while to find that inner strength. Once found let’s hope that it cannot be lost again. Since that one time death, a broken heart and other tough places have all been so much easier. Sometimes we just need to be tested to find out how strong we are. ❤️🐓🐓


Oh my dear @mother2chicks it makes me smile to hear you enjoyed this post :) Also, thank you for taking the time to do the experiment! Another one to the no gorilla group. Isn't that a simple, clever study that teach us so much about us? I just love it!

Good tools you had there to map your way out of the Dark Forest!

Much love to you always ❤️

Are you moving again? Seems like you just got settled into your place. I wanted to ask during your last post , but that’s when steemit got hacked for a few hours. Whatever you are up to, don’t leave your precious hubby behind because when he put you onto steemit you found your rainbow. Much love my friend. ❤️🐓🐓

No. I am not going anywhere :) We came here to stay. We love it in here. And peace has returned to our home after the stress of the move + settling down :) We had a few difficult months to begin with, but we managed to overcome it! The warm summer and a little break from work have helped immensely. You see, I have to keep myself in check. Otherwise, I just work, work and work!

Thank you for your loving words my dear friend! :*

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