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RE: Psychology Addict # 57 | Memories From The After Life.

I have been reading on NDEs and OBEs since years as this is something which intrigues me a lot and what I have come to an understanding is that a lot of people who go through it also experience their own conditioning of mind. People see lights also on the other side in different ways also based on their religions and culture. But the recent studies what I came through really blew me off, I am still trying to understand that part of it also. Normally people who are going through these experiences are sometimes shown what the other side wants you to see. The construct of the false light where we are all trapped in the Matrix and the experiences are given to us from the other side based on what they want us to see.
If you are into this reading, do read on Massacre of the Angels, I am not sure if you would get it online as it is a classified one. In this book the Author who from Childhood thought was a pyschic was being manipulated all the time, until he wanted to break through when he reached higher levels of consciousness and he was not able to do that and it brought in a lot of dark side to him.
Cameron Day also talks about the construct of the false white light which majorly people experience at the pass over or NDE stage.
People who have had higher level of consciousness have also experienced a lot of turmoil and disturbances in the NDEs, cause they have consciously chosen not to get into the white light trap so they kind of see very jinxed up and dark energies at this stage.
Omg all of this blows me off, but personally I tool feel we are all so trapped up in the Matrix and living in this hologram where we think we are the masters of our lives but all the time we are manipulated.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article, thank you for sharing.


Thank you @nainaztengra :), for you insightful comment. I feel just like you! It is an overwhelming topic inst' it? Intriguing and perhaps even a little frightening :| Also, thank you for suggesting and introducing me to the readings you mentioned here. I will see if I can find them on the web!

All the best to you,