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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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I love psychology since my high school and I've read everything what you wrote on your blog, just want to say you're one of my fav authors here:)
Often I can apply things that I read to improve myself, but I'm starting to think maybe to visit some therapist, just to talk a little bit about some problems. Unfortunately in many countries it's taboo to go to the therapy.


Hello there @nikolanikola :)

Thank you very much for your kind words. I didn't know that in Serbia, seeing a psychologist/therapist is still a taboo! It is great to hear the topics discussed here are familiar to you, you must have done some pretty interesting reading then! Are the things you would like to discuss appropriate to blog about? Writing things down is, as well as talking, a great way to put our thoughts in order and makes sense of things!

If you decided to do that. Please let me know. I would be very interested in reading your reflections.

All the best :)

Thanks Abigail, I see that you usually answer on every comment on your blog and that's really nice :)
Unfortunately It's still taboo here. Where are you from? :D
I think that those things which are bothering me in some way, are not so exactly for a public blog, if you know what I mean.
But, often some things from psychology that I've read can form some philosophical thinking that I love to write and share it with people on my blog, but I often write such things on Serbian language, which is I guess not so common with yours.

Wish you the best :)

I am from Brazil Nikola :)

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