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Oh I was just thinking about this (well, some of this) in response to a recent comment on my last post - are we all somehow connected? Just as a forest, which looks to humans like a bunch of individual trees and some non-tree plants strewn about, is interconnected through the soil (at the very least), we humans are interconnected by - what? Is it a larger reservoir of consciousness as William James claims? Is it the ineffable TAO? We 21st century humans (and long before now) think we stand alone and go about with our cockcrows and screwdrivers and test tubes trying to pin down this and that. Perhaps world peace will come when humans learn to go with the flow. I'm calling it "the flow" for today.
Thank you for your, as always, very intriguing post.


Hello dear @owasco 😃

What a coincidence, right? :) That you've been also reflecting aspects of this topic.

Your forest analogy is so beautiful. And your question about what bridges humans is philosophical. According to Buddhism what connects us all together, what makes us all one is: suffering. It's moving right? And also truthful. Catholicism claims it's our faith in God. Personally, I find this a dangerous idea because of its separatist essence. My favorite one is the proposition of Taoism, which claims that it is the TAO "the mother of all under heaven" that unite us with another and nature itself 😊 It's gorgeous.

During my entire adult life I have followed the rationale that the mind results from neuronal mechanisms. Coming across these studies has shaken me a little. I must admit. It is a good thing to be challenged. To venture new domains :)

Thank you very much for sharing your insightful thoughts here with us and for supporting my work with your kind, encouraging words (also, thank you for the re-esteem).

Have a great weekend!
All the best,


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