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RE: Giving A Name To That Which Scares Us

in #psychology3 years ago

great post describing what you are going through.
Skip what I write here if you want. However, here it comes.
The voices are your ego. And you can learn to observe instead of becoming involved with those voices.

You know it is the voice that says: "Eat the chocolate"
Then after you do the same voice says: "Why did you eat the chocolate. Now you will get fat."

Observe and don't welcome them in. I think this will help. :) It helped me.


I love this advice @rebeccabe and I will definitely keep this in mind for the future. Thank you for sharing this with me.

No problem. They say to be aware of the voice but do not become involved with it. This is how the ego exists. You are not that voice. Well, that sounds crazy but life is crazy and fun. If you welcome the voice in an pay attention to it. It stays longer lol

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