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RE: Why I am Optimistic About the Science of Consciousness (Contra @rachelsmantra)

This is a really well-thought out response - I think you're entirely right - operationalising the concept of consciousness is fraught with difficulty...

This is an interesting talk which contrasts the mechanistic scientific world view to what they speaker refers to as a spiritual worldview - he seems to be arguing that you can never reduce the concept of consciousness to component parts, and there are many, many advantages to that.


Let's assume that the yogi is wrong about consciousness but right about making meaning. We would then have this hopeful meaningful society premised on differing fallacies. It's an interesting dillemma.

It's the oldest in the postmodern book - between freedom through truth and freedom from truth!

I see your hindi idealist with my hindi pragmatist!

I'm not sure i grokked your remark....Are you saying the age old squabble over whether consciousness is primary was somehow affected by a rather insignificant school of thought in the late 20th century? BTW: most assessments of the pomo's were correct although they did get the 'there is no absolute truth thing wrong'. The absolute truth is we don't know what the nature of reality is and that's a fact......