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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

in #psychology3 years ago

Another awesome piece Abbey. A particular line; amongst others; piqued my interest:

Luckily, for Sandra, and for all of us, our brain can re-wire itself. What this means is that experience can actually modify its connections.

Could this be related to neuroplasticity? Would it be right to say that our brain cells can be influenced by the experiences we pass through?

An unrelated question: sometimes, after keeping up late for some nights, I find it hard to focus on even minor things; does this have any link to the brain cells re-wiring themselves?

Nice piece Abbey


This is neuroplasticity, my smart, dear Sammy :)

All the experiences we go through, either conscious or unconscious, are external stimuli that influence our brain cells to a given extent. Our brain pathways change its connections upon experiences that are lived more or less repeatedly. In other words, with practice. Your reduced focus must be more linked to mental exhaustion than anything else, I believe! I suppose it is time you began to going to bed a little earlier Sammy :*

Take care of yourself my dear.

Thanks for the kind advice Abbey. I'll try to avoid keeping late nights often 😘

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