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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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I cannot agree more! In bid to "belong" and be approved by peer group and contemporary attractions, narcissists can do anything to get recognition and be admired...

With regard to social media, personally, I see this mechanism as an explanation to why so many individuals lose their authenticity, their true-selves; as a dear follower of mine pointed out “ ... they will do anything to be more attractive, cool and badass” 4. And here I go again: all in order to meet an instinctual drive for being approved by others, and consequently meet a deep-rooted need of belonging.

This post says it all. Regards

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I suppose that social media is, after all, a quick, simplistic way to obtain attention. But, we should never jump to conclusions and start labeling people as narcissists :)

Thank you for taking the time and read and comment once again @sciencetech.
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