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"Narcissists choose dominance. People who have healthy self-esteem, on the other hand, favor equality."

I would be very careful with that. First of, even if you are narcissistic you can't show dominance in all aspects of life, it's just impossible. Maybe some can be dominant in more aspects of life (or it is more visible and apparent), but it is impossible to dominate much. Also, "equality" was in my interest for quite a while and I definitely do not recommend ending sentence with it like that. Mostly because it could be interpreted in two, completely opposite ways: equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. Those two are cause of so much evil in the world you wouldn't believe...

"As a child, Debbie always tried to be the person her mother
wanted her to be. As an adult, she struggled to be the person she imagined her husband desired."

When I hear sentence like that I always wonder, how much of it is actual outside pressure put on that particular individual and how much is his/her own feeling that this pressure is there.

Especially after this follow up:

"... about Debbie’s young adult years, a period during which she had a
major nervous breakdown and was hospitalized, as a consequence of her severely low self-esteem and huge self-loathing. "

It's not like I don't understand the complexity of this whole situation, but it would seem to me that it was mostly her imagination.

Imagination like fire can burn, but those who don't use it spend their lives in darkness.

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