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RE: Psychology Addict # 64 | The Romantic Love Delusion.

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Abigail, I am so impressed with what you have created here. You introduce a topic that so many people can relate to and have options about. The comments and your responses are just as interesting. It is so great to see people from all over the world with different thoughts and ideas commenting on your chosen topic. And of course it gives me much to think about! Thanks.


Hello there @sjarvie5,

It's always nice seeing you around. Thank you for stopping by and for the nice words. I feel very grateful for the way people take some of their time to engage with my content and share their thoughts with me about the topic in question! I am glad to hear this post has also provided you with some notions and ideas to digest! Romantic love is a topic that greatly sparks my interest. There is a lot of insightful research out there from which we all can learn a great deal :)

I wish you a lovely weekend ahead.


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