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RE: Psychology Addict # 36 | Shaun the Sheep & Marriage

I've been unattached for over 10 years...can't seem to find someone. I've given up trying. My focus is music and practicing Buddhism. I have very calm behavior and cannot accept others in my life who have anger problems or problems with boundaries. It's an epidemic. I do have many great relationships and friendships that are rooted in respect.

My focus is music and practicing Buddhism.

You must have such a peaceful, blessed day-to-day life @soulsistashakti

You also show a great level of self-respect. I see over and over again, men and women sacrificing their own beliefs and values at the expense of having a partner. It comes at a great cost though.

Lots of love to you.
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment :*

Just saw this and felt compelled to respond. Yes, my life is super peaceful. I feel I will meet someone right for me as I continue to live authentically. I feel so filled up I can only imagine what it would be like meeting someone who matches my commitment to this kind of spiritual and intellectual honesty :)

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