Ahahaha same here @steemflow! Some of these accounts give me goosebumps too! Glad to hear I'm not alone :D

Thank you for stopping by!

We have in India called "Garrur Purana" which gives an in-depth analysis of the life after death . And how the soul goes through different phases...infact it was scary too....I had few chapter and quite intrigued till I get distracted with my dad health...hopefully I will read it completelly

Oh! Thank you for informing me about the Garrur Purana. I have noted down in my diary. I will include it in my list of material to read :)
Thanks for the warning too. I confess I am a little bit of a sacred cat :P

I wish your dad a speedy recovery.
All the best to you two.

Thanks.....let me know how you feel if you completed is scary btw..that what I heard