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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

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amiga @ abigail-dantes seems to me a very good topic, in these times in social networks especially youth is being very affected, because the current prototypes of how young people should be at this time for my opinion are very wrong and there are many young people trying to be and act as they say these standards doing a hundred things that could even threaten their own lives and all seeking acceptance of these stereotypes now. If I think that social networks have a lot to do in these times with the actions of many people, in addition to distancing them from their loved ones, they are always very busy interacting with others who do not know and forget their family nucleus, everything is question of having conscience and living doing what we really like and not what others want us to do. We must meet certain standards in life but not live for others if not for ourselves that is the fullness.


Yes @stefany12, it is only through respecting and following most of our inner-self requirements (because it is impossible to follow them all) can we know and be in touch with our true selves and enjoy a life of genuine confidence and sense of belonging :)

All the best to you always.