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RE: Psychology Addict # 40 | How do You React to Your Own Negative Thoughts?

in #psychology3 years ago

@dysfunctional ... will you stop talking about me ... lol. @abigail-dantes such a well written post and consequential conversations. I find Im now thinking of people Ive known and which road they take. As I work my way through my own book of life I find that reading such posts and studies make me sit and analyse my C.Ptsd condition. Although Damian and Laura are generally happy and well adjusted Suzan struggles to be. However, learning that there are alternatives leads the thoughts to look for a roadsign to a way out of the cow field and into the dairy. Let the cows ruminate while I learn to take milk and make ice cream.
Thank you for your contribution to the well being of your fellow humans.


Thank you for sharing this incredible insight here on my feed @suzanrs. I love your analogy! Yep, let us leave the ruminating to the cows and spend our energy on making and enjoying ice-cream 😃 ❤

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