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RE: Psychology Addict # 39 | Need For Approval & External Validation

in #psychology3 years ago

If people to gain the acceptance of society do many things, I think being on social networks is one of those things because they feel that their are not fashionable are out of time and to surprise others are also immersed in them , I think it is very sad to live to please others forgetting ourselves, what we want to achieve and do, people will not be satisfied with what we do, and this life is very short, we should forget to please the society and learn to live for us so we will not feel frustrated rather made, satisfied with ourselves, thanks @ abigail-dantes very good post as always.


Thank you @urbano579 for sharing your always insightful thoughts here with us. Yes, living a life that only pleases others is indeed a sad one. We must first and foremost listen to ourselves first. Only then we can make sensible judgement and evaluate what society requires of us.

All the best :)

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