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RE: Psychology Addict # 58 | Punishment – An Overview Through the Lens of Psychology.

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hello Miss Abi, hope you are doing well. oh i got lots of absences in your blogs, guess i've to admit that , i am just really having much of my time for offline especially for Alex. anyway, i can tell you more of that privately hehe. thanks always.. 😘

I can actually relate on this topic of yours, applying it to myself being a mom , asking to punish or reward my kids , well honestly speaking Ms. Abi , i do them both i guess haha. i consider maybe slapping them in their butt or hand if they did something wrong , just to let them know that that is not okay or sometimes getting toys from their hands ( toys they did use for example to hit each other ) . But of course i always feel guilty at the end of each day for hurting them a bit. on the other hand. I also use reward , rewarding them because they did something nice and is listening to me , sometimes foods they love or hugs and kisses. hehe. i think that either would work depending on the personality of the people involve. but for me i use both haha, but i would like to learn to have less punishment for my kids...
thanks for another worth reading piece Miss. Abi. again thank you always and forever. we love you!!! lots of hugs and kisses from PH to Portugal , take care always ... 😘❤️❤️❤️


Hello my dear @zephalexia <3 :)

I most certainly noticed your absence. And looks like my assumptions were right! The offline world with the children is keeping you extra busy ;) It's wonderful to hear from you, though.

I know you are a loving mum, and I follow the belief that children also need to be informed about when they do something wrong. I do tend to tell mums to try to avoid little bum slapps 😆 I prefer the odd: "you sit down here and think about what you did, young lady.".

You are a great, great mum my dear. And there is nothing you should feel guilty about. You discipline and love your little ones. How lucky they are! They have a mum who thoroughly prepares them for the challenges of life.

Much love to you always from hot Portugal :* :D

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