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RE: Psychology Addict # 37 | What Do you Do When Things go Wrong?

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hi miss Abi , how are you? hope you are enjoying the weekend , thanks for sharing a part of your life when you had experienced dark forest aswell , and i am glad you've overcome it.

By the way , i tried the gorilla video , i only counted 13 passes , LOL,and like you i haven't notice the gorilla

I do agree in the fact that focusing on the flaws won't really allow you to see the good things about it . i think the first Dark forest experience i've got was when the father of my first born Zeph left us , just after i gave birth because of third party , i was like doomed for a year , but then after a year , i came cak to schooling ,have seen them together , got myself busy and have the love of fm andfriends ,i was able to moved on and forgive them both , glad they are still together now but not yet married (their relationship is as old as Zeph'sage ,11 years now) so there. And i think now a days asa full time mom , sometimes i feel like i can see myself in the dark forest , like maybe sometimes i adk question why am i here ,why is life like this for me , but whenever i look at my kiddos , i am being enlightened that i am blessed , that i should be grayeful for what i have. I usually cry and talk to God whenever i feel down ,and of course my sister , always. then after that she always tell me to look on the brighter side of why things are happening to me and that it always has reasons. so thankful for her

I am also happy to know about Sandra's situation , that she's able to get better now. 😍

There miss Abi , thanks always for sharing this kind of post, i got to reflect on my self too. And thanks always for your support for us , always take care of yourself andGod bless you more and more. Love you @abigail-dantes 😘❤️❤️❤️


Oh dear @zephalexia, please don't cry. You have so much to smile for .... you have such a kind heart! You have a faith, and a beautiful family. Feeling said is natural, particularly in times of stress, but make an effort to not stay sad, ok? That is not healthy! The minis need you strong and emotionally stable :)

So, you didn't see the gorilla either 😃 😂 Isn't that such an interesting experiment? And it is so simple! It is genius!

You take care of yourself :)
Much love to you and the family, from Portugal.

thanks very much miss Abi , i will definitely stay strong , i actually am becoming stronger each day because of my kids ,they really are my reason of surviving , living , loving hehe. My family is my motivation

Good night from here now 😘❤️❤️❤️

Love you sis @zephalexia I will always be here no matter what... 😘😘😘