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Döstädning is the Swedish for Death Cleaning, which is the gentle art of decluttering according to Margareta Magnusson.

Judging from the blurb of the audiobook version, Death Cleaning - a radical and joyous process the Swedish Marie Kondo, Margareta Magnusson has set out for you - could well be your ticket to some kind of EnLIGHTenment; if not the full moksha, clearly, the primary result will be an emptier house, and in accord with this sure outcome, it is a recommended activity, to all practial extents and purposes, for those ready to downsize (the aged). I know a few Autistics who could crack on with such a sort-and-shift exercise, too. And what about me with too much To-Do project-material stored in my warehouse domicile? But I surmise, central to the book (unread by yours truly) will be the emphasis on the process and not the result and this convenes with my psychosophical approach to Initiatiation into the meaning of life and the Remembrance of who The Real I is.

It remains to be seen what you will be left with after your “celebrations and reflections” (as promised),

but in principle, I welcome the trend in Death Cleaning, I think, and even this particular term sounds attractive to my metaphysical ears. Happy it is “gentle”, I am, however, less keen on the therapeutic benefits of it but find correspondences with the practice of initiation into the mysteries of the Cosmos - which to the spiritually aware are worth knowing in preparation of death.

We all have something to clean even if we go about life minimalistically: namely, Karma or all that energy gone to waste and solidified into dust at least, if not worse. Dead thoughts shed like dandruff from your head whether you have one or not (those of the Headless Way do not:” The best day of my life—my rebirthday, so to speak—was when I found I had no head.” - Douglas Harding - ). I have the feeling Alice Coltrane is always Death Cleaning at one of her favorite instruments (she plays piano, organ, harp - and voice). I think the greatest Death Clean is the one of the soul; and this is achieved by listening (spiritual digestion). The more you listen the more you love, after all. (I use the present for Alice, eventhough, she is dead now, of course, but in the sense that she lives on as an inspiration to all the cleaners within us living, allow me to consider her still present.)

Cleaning Tip of the Day

Find yourself a Hierophant (Druid or other priest) or read up on Magnusson’s pathway or pick up your favorite instrument (be it your flute, your head, the one tied to your pinky finger (See:Yarn) and find the etheric heart by which to gauge the consciousness that is of the very order needed to keep everything in the Right (and ever New) Order. This would be to experience the true freedom (from your self and your family) I suppose decluttering aims to approximate.


Many thanks that's an interesting tag, and concept. I was blessed with a fire two years ago which destroyed my rental and entire household contents, so am liberated from the need to do any more de-cluttering in this lifetime.

How is it pinky-friend you always know what I am up to? A death clean, or at least the leaning into one these past two days in the name of downsizing and matching energies.