Be a cloud?

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We all go throw changes, its the way of life. Nothing is supose to be the same. I see this is how we grow.
Moving trying pushing and learning: just as the clouds on the sky.... Psykology states that change is a development that is permentent do to said events

By learning or new-learning we not only change our behaviour, we also edit our way of interpreting things

, our precivment of what happends around us. If we now roll back to the clouds.
They do the same, they change do to the wind, temps rices up and down
... They move along and will not bee seen the same as whne they started.. So are we just as easy moved to new interpretations AS the sky/clouds??? Can this be a good thing??
They say that, learning is good, it mature, evolve us as humans and even better it change and grow us a s people, and how we gets presived by others...
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Now our lraning learning can be both beneficial and negative behaviors.

Change or and learning is a natural and never ending part of life;, both for better and for worse.
Most of us grow, develop and lead better lives after learning new things;its also benefitting for our overall health and well-being. Our mind and its behaviour do respond diffrently in its learning and there for need diffrent ways to learn.
Just look at Skinner, he researtched how negative inforcment can edit your behaviour. I find we more often do learn even with out any conditioned, reinforced or punished result to the change...

Again back to our couds, they dont feel said affect on the reward curve after a good change or bad change... Maybe we need to learn , to not take things so seriously???
Like be more cloudy in our way of thinking??? ;) Things will happend, why not do our changes before we need a skinner effect on us , so we must change do to conditioned, reinforced or punished effects..???
Its not news that we all go throw changes, so why is it like a new suprice every time it happends???


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