PTBOT is ready to fly || Forced Break caused by HF20 is Over

in #ptbot3 years ago


Hi everyone

As you are well aware, there was a forced break caused by HF20 that is now over.
We are pleased to inform you that @ptbot is ready for action and is already accepting bids.

In case of any kind of problems don`t hesitate to contact us in discord:

@ptbot distribute daily 100% profit share from bids between all delegator.
Payout is distributed in proportion with amount of the SP delegation by each one.
Example: If @ptbot have a total of 10000 SP, an 1000SP delegation will receive 10% of profit share from bids.

We remind you that when you use our upvote services you will always win because @ptbot offers profitability up to 20%.


Regards from ptbot team