Poems: Sad About Love Sore

in #puisi4 years ago

If I mourn your departure, what would you say?
If I suffer from love, where is the way?
If I send someone to tell my sorrow
The lover complained nobody wanted to deliver.

If I patiently try to hold back all my pain
After the loss of love, I was unable to hold back his breath
Nothing to live except sorrow and regret
And tears that continue to flow in the cheeks.

You are long gone from my sight
Will you stay forever for the sake of my loving heart
You have taught me how to love
And will not deviate from the pledge of love.

The moment when I have you is the moment I miss
The moment when you left me was when I died
If I live in fear because of the promised death
I'd rather be with you than my life is safe

When I see your sadness
It hurt me, as you see
And when I do not see you
It hurt me, as you see
Oh, talk to me, my life
My love, talk to me.

For how long this sadness I suffered
Have I not paid enough with tears?
Dear lover, talk to me
Dear lover, answer me.
I stepped footsteps on the ground,
Combing the sharp bucket that decorate my earth path
Every now and then the dirty dirt of the street hit the pale skin of my face
With the warm sun burning my troubles ...

Along the way, I'm greeted with hypocrisy
My steps are in tune with the betrayals they offer

I whimpered, but no longer cared about
I cried, but no longer notice ..
Even the screams that almost cut my vocal cords, no longer heard by them
I ... who he says are siblings with them
But my pain became the entertainment for their arrogance ..
I ... he said part of them
But my wishes were dashed by their selfishness.
Is this my independence?
Is this my country?
The land that is said to be a fragment of heaven, but they break the wings of its angel.
The country that is prosperous, but they do not care about each other.
I'm silent ...
Trying to enjoy every pain they offer.
I can not fight
Even just say no.
It's too crushed the wings of the angel's heaven they're destroying ...
It's too deep in that pain they put ...
Then, again they say softly seductive ...
"" We are brothers ""
"" You are part of us ""
They treat their "" siblings "more abjectly than the rubbish they throw away.
This is my country ...
A fragment of heaven that offers only anguish and tears.

himself staring up at the sky.
above, thousands of stars staring at me closely.
The dim lightless.
Because upset anxious roots ..

 I want to like the eagle.
 Packing a brave wing
 Do not know trepidation of all the temptations ...
 Tireless of the storms ....
 But, I'm just the butterfly.
 packing weak wings ...
 and fly no direction ....

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