Happiest birthday in 87 years

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One person upvoted my first post about Schipperke Zidane, thank you @tamim you inspired me to write about my puppy again. He is with us one week today and he brings us so much joy.
I am a 55-year old woman so I was getting used to being invisible in the streets, but now I cannot walk twenty metres without someone coming up to me saying: 'O My God he's so cute can I touch him?'
Everybody asks me what rase he is. Schipperkes are a bit rare, most people have never heard of them and many say: 'I've never seen a dog as cute as this one!'
Even my father, who turned eighty seven last Sunday, says this.
I think it was over thirty year ago since he held a puppy, and I think it was his happiest birthday ever, look at these pictures! Is this old man happy or what?