You Need Discipline

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Remember, our parents trying to “attempt” to discipline us and it only resulted in more rebellion. I might make an ass of myself, but I’m going to assume you carried whatever issues you had growing up into your adulthood. Well, many of those issues have either brought you to a higher awareness, or caused you to develop bad habits and patterns. Either way you look at it, in order to move forward in a positive light, you need discipline! I say “adulthood” as it even exist. We all are just big kids raising and interacting with each other.

Why do we need discipline?

People need discipline simply because how are you every going to get anything done without it. Of course, if you choose to do nothing your entire life you are a waste of a human being and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. As I have explained many times every person has a purpose. It is understandable that some people must take care of responsibilities first, but also remember that you are a limitless being, meaning you don’t have to settle for less. We have free will to decided if we are going to settle or if we are going to get out there and get whatever it is we want out of life. What I am essentially getting at, is if and when we become disciplined we can have whatever we want out of life. Nobody ever said following your purpose would be easy, but it is a lot more rewarding than working a 9-5 job.

What does being disciplined even mean?

Being disciplined means consistency, balance, drive, effort, hard work, goal-oriented, and faith that things will work out in your favor. Understand, that somethings that happen may not always seem like it is in your favor, but no matter if good or bad it usually is still in your favor. The thing is our experiences can either be a blessing or a lesson. If you start looking at the outcome of things in this way, you will realize the universe is not out to get you and that nothing is truly an obstacle. All the successful people in the world, have failure after failure, but what sets them apart is that they never stop trying. Once you get used to taking so many curve balls, you become strong, confident, brave. Everyday you are practicing discipline you come closer and closer to your breakthrough.

How to become disciplined?

Let Go!

Let go of distractions, such as social media, bad company (family & friends), mass media propaganda, and all illusions.
Let go of the past, yours and anybody else’s, that you are hoarding. Stop hating and start loving yourself.
Let go of bad habits and old patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Many of you can stop right now, because it’s all in your head. Some things will take time and that is okay. You may see yourself shifting back and forth during your healing process, and that’s okay, just keep moving forward.
Forgive yourself and others. You don’t have to force yourself to forgive all the people that hurt you right away. In due time, you will naturally let go of the past but the most important thing is that you forgive yourself first.
Stop Daydreaming, Stop Procrastinating, Start Doing!

Less talking more action. (Even if that means going off the grid to focus)
Stop sitting around watching Netflix and Youtube all day, get of your couch or out your bed and do something semi-productive. (Even if that means cleaning your dirty ass room up)
Start doing small projects, that will eventually lead up to doing big projects.
Stop being scared to dream big, put on your big boy pants, and get her done!
Participate in manifestation exercises, such as journaling and creating vision boards.
Set the Paste, take your time. You live in a timeless existence. Who cares if you don’t reach your goal until your’e 40, at least you did it and didn’t give up. You accomplished what you came here to accomplish, and can’t nobody take that from you!
Develop daily, weekly, and monthly routines and rituals.

Weekly Routines. Ex: Shoot a video or write a blog once a week. Or Clean your house once a week.
Monthly Routines. Ex: Get a massage once a month.
Weekly or Monthly family/friend days. Ex: A night out with the girls. Or A family karaoke night.
Eat a balanced diet throughout your day. Try your best to shop at local markets, as they will have much better deals and fresher product than any big franchise grocery store.
Ask questions, do research, get organized, plan accordingly. A notebook is a must! I don’t recommend journaling and writing plans and goals only on a computer, because there is no guarantee, that you will have that forever. You will always have a pen and paper.
Express gratitude on the daily. Include some for of meditation, prayer, or quiet time in your routines. Prayer does not have to be traditional, it can be in any form your like. Ex: I consider painting a form of prayer.
Celebrate your accomplishments.

Celebrate all your accomplishments. This should be apart of your disciplinary routine. When you create something great you celebrate!
Trust me, you won’t enjoy the journey as much if you make everything about work, work, work.
Reward and treat yourself, whatever that means to you.
When you accomplish large projects, invite family and friends over to celebrate!
How to mold my children into disciplined individuals?

This is practically the same process as becoming a disciplined adult, just a little more guided. Set rules, but not strict rules. Please do not be “strict” on your children. Most of the time that child will become stressed, depressed, anxious, and rebellious. Set reasonable rules, that have a real explanation and not “just because you said so” Ex: Get your weekly chores done. Why? Because if you don’t the house will get dirty and we will have roaches. I believe the rules that are set in a household should be just enough to get your child in the habit of getting stuff done, not to punish them for existing. Don’t make your children clean the whole entire house on their own, clean the house with them! I hope you didn’t really just give birth to a whole child, to clean the house for you and become your maid until they move out because you are lazy? That is preposterous! Although, all reasons for having children are selfish, please don’t make that child’s life harder or even more miserable than it has to be. Never blame your child for its existence or make as though they owe you something for you taking care of them. It was your choice to make the decisions you made. You already know how the world works an innocent child doesn’t. Reward your children for positive things they do. Even if that means simply expressing to them how proud you are of them. Take them out to dinner, spend time with your children, do family activities, take family trips. They want to know that you love them and that they are making you proud. Teach your children self love from the very beginning, so that they always know who the fuck they are! Help your child start a small business or learn how to manage and make money at a young age. This is very important! I still can’t believe that so many parents aren’t teaching their children about this, because if you don’t you have failed them. Why leave them clueless and naive to the way the world works, then teach them young, so they may succeed at a young age. Stop telling your children “I want you to be better than me.” Become your children’s role model. If you decided to give birth to a child, it is your duty to break family curses and create a better life for yourself and for your children. If you settle for less and then leave your children to have to learn every life lesson the hard way, because you were too selfish to tell them how the world works or create a better life than you failed your children. Instead of waiting for a child with talented gifts to be born, find your own gifts and pursue them. Create something worth passing down. Why give your child to a system that never loved them, to raise and brainwash them into falling into traps after traps? Why not open a store that you can past down to them? Even if that’s not what they want to do they have something valuable, instead of going out here struggling to find jobs that will never pay them of their worth or make them happy. In order to truly teach your children how to become disciplined individuals, you must build and create and teach them how to build and create.

Congratulations, you have accomplished something by stumbling upon this blog post. Don’t be a weak link, set the bar as high as you want and get to work people!