Hey Guys.... Here is a Puzzle!! # Fun

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Good Morning, My dear Friends....

As I told you yesterday, here I am with a Puzzle, just for Fun!.... :)

As today is Tuesday, and the colorchallenge for the day is Orange, I just went for gathering the items from our home, which are mainly in Orange or Orange-Red in color!! Some of these items are from my Kitchen..;)

Let me load the pics now.


This is my Hospital file.. (As I just went for a thorough check up yesterday).







The things below are - Gram flour, Pickle packet, and Robin pre - wash.





Please note that here I have repeated few things in the next photo. So you have to count the exact number of things, leaving behind the repeated things and let me know the correct number of items, in the comments section below. The time limit is 24 hours. That is 12 noon tomorrow, IST.

The First Five right answers will get one 100 % upvote, though the steem price has come down and hence my upvote value too... ;)

And if you are bit smart, along with mentioning the number of things here, you can also make a list of the things writing down one after the other in the comments section below. If your answer is right, then you will be rewarded with an upvote daily for a week.

And also please note this... Only the first two right answers within next 24 hours will count!!

So hurry up my dear Friends... :)

Results will be announced day after tomorrow..., That is after 48 hours from now...

This is my contribution for today's colorchallenge, Tuesday Orange by @kalemandra...

Hope you enjoyed it... With much love from Mangalore, @geetharao...


25 items in total without any repeation.

  1. tea stainer
  2. Opener
  3. Scissors 1
  4. Scissors 2
  5. Noodles
  6. Thread
  7. Crayon
  8. torch
  9. Hair oil
  10. Flour stainer
  11. Juicer ( sweet lime)
  12. Horlicks
  13. File cover
  14. Duck toy
  15. House toy
  16. Bulb
  17. Scetch pen ( Orange)
  18. Orange bowl
  19. Hand wash liquid
  20. Pen
  21. Paint brush
  22. Robin liquid
  23. Pickle
  24. Gram flour
  25. Tea powder.

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25 is my answer..it was very hard😁😁

Nice puzzle @geetharao,25 is my answer.

My answer is 25.

Very nice,i too going with @hemantasarmah,the no is 27.

Hi @maya7... Thanks for participating my dear...

25.iteam in total
2.tea powder
3.paint brush
5.robin liquid
6.gram flour
7.hand wash liquid
8.orange bowl
10.scetch pen
11.house toy
12.duck toy
13.scissors one
14.scissors two
15.hair oul
16.tea stainer
17.flour stainer
20.file cover
21.juicer swt lime
24.orange bowl

really friend very interesting puzzle.i like your colour. its absolutely good fun.i guess only 28 item.thank you for your best fun creating post. my dear friend. @geetharao

Answer is 22

Interesting puzzle ! 27 I think :)

22 is my answer.

very complex arrangement, answer may be 27.

Hi Sir @hemantasarmah... There is an easy method, based on simple Math!

But I will tell it later ;)

So I think there are 26 unique items.

I hope I am right.

Its 27

My answer is 27 items shown in the images.

22 though its really a tough task.

I think there are 26 items.

Double dhamaka.. Nice colorchallenge+contest.. You rock mam...

Answer is 27 items

Wow @geetharao nice post

I am not really sure ma'am I can't answr its already been 10 minutes not a single picture has loaded.Sigh!
But this is very creative of you


Mam, wow that's a good colour challenge fun.. Very creative.. I got 30nos...