Let's Throw Some SHADE Around

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What is SHADE?

SHADE is a fun token created by @shadowspub. Its primary purpose is to reward people for sharing posts of their own and others on Pimp Your Post Thursday in The Ramble.

Other purposes may come along. It’s a token, we’re going to have some fun with it.

How can I earn SHADE?

Attend the Pimp Your Post Thursday shows in The Ramble discord. They are held twice on Thursdays. It’s a post promotion show where you can promote your posts or the post of someone else.

  • Promote your own post — 2 SHADE
  • Promote someone else’s post who isn’t present — 2 SHADE
  • Leave a comment on the promoted post letting them know you promoted it at PYPT — 2 SHADE
  • Leave a comment that you saw the post at PYPT -- 1 SHADE
    (make the comment real. I reserve the right to not award shit comments)
  • There is a Giveaway running at each show where you can win 25 SHADE
    (You have to be present in order to win)

  • Others who own enough SHADE may choose to reward your post or comment with it.

How Can I Reward SHADE tokens?

If you own at least 100 SHADE you can reward posts or comments with SHADE.

You can send up to 5 SHADE.

By typing in !SHADE X (where X is the amount) you send that amount of SHADE to the person’s Steem-Engine wallet. Like in the picture below:

Can I Exchange SHADE For Anything Else Other Than Tokens?

Right now there is nothing else you can exchange SHADE for but others can accept SHADE in exchange for goods & services.

There may be some digital products coming in the future which will have SHADE as a payment option.

@shadowspub may at times offer an opportunity to trade tokens for upvotes but that will be announced at the time.

Can I Buy & Sell SHADE?

Yes, you can trade SHADE for STEEMP on the Steem-Engine site. If you own some SHADE, just look in your wallet for the SHADE you have or look on the token list for it:

See the red arrow pointing to the two arrows? Click there to go to the market. Scroll down until you see:

More Information

@shadeserver will hold a limited supply of SHADE at any one time. @shadowspub will issue more when it is suitable but it is at her discretion.

The balance between too much SHADE too soon, and too little to provide liquidity will hopefully come in time. This is a learning process for @shadowspub.

Keep in mind that while sharing is fun, supply and demand determines the value. We need enough out there for there to be demand but not so much that no one cares anymore and we have more supply than demand.

Have Fun Throwing SHADE!

SHADE tokens were issued by @shadowspub and are distributed by steem-scot, a project by @holger80.


Oh cool!
I'm plastic guy... so I need SHADE... d'you wanna exchange with one of my MANNEQOINS?!?!


(As in "cool as a")....


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So exciting, the public launch, for those who didn't hear the news already in TheRamble! 😁


Throwing shade will take on a new and positive meaning!!

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Wow...sounds fun. This should make more people attend the shows. Kudos to you!


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Diggin the logo for sure!😎

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I saw and shared this post from pypt!!!

Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT

Hi simgirl the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit steem-engine.com

I saw this shade in PYPT channel, will you let me borrow that shade? haha

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Thanks for engaging with posts presented on PYPT
there is some shade of your own :)

Hi mrnightmare89 the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit steem-engine.com

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thank you for all you do

Hi thesteemengine the SHADE tokens are on the way.
Thanks for sharing SHADE
To view or Trade SHADE visit steem-engine.com

There's something shady going on here... and I love it!!

So cool..i got my first shade tonight. Shade is the coolest coin around. Thank you for this fun coin!!

congratulations @naltedtirt.. come and join us on Pimp Your Post Thursday today at 11am & 7pm EDT / 3pm & 11pm UTC to earn even more when your share posts of yours or others

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
It's All About Community!

At a doctors appointment with my son. Sorry I cannot attend.

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