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  1. /r/Python Official Job Board
  2. What's everyone working on this week?
  3. Just launched my first production app, and the feeling is amazing
  4. Testing your tests with Ned Batchelder (Interview)
  5. Moving a little Flask bot to production
  6. Took a week to write this open source project for our ClueCon demo. Django, Ansible, FreeSWITCH.
  7. How to improve code design?
  8. Experiments with in-memory spatial radius queries in Python
  9. Build 9 Projects in Python and PostgreSQL
  10. Python 3.4.7 has been released!
  11. [X-post from /r/zsh] Enable Auto Completion for pip in Zsh - Top Bug Net
  12. Python String Conversion 101: Why Every Class Needs a “repr”
  13. Toasted Marshmallow — Marshmallow but 15X Faster.
  14. Async Multiprocessing
  15. logzero - Sane and robust logging for Python 2 and 3
  16. pip stopped working when I upgraded to 3.6.0 on my Raspberry Pi
  17. Ive been learning python for a couple months now as a newb to programming. Just created a wordpress site on a vps from scratch and was thinking of using it as a learning tool. Any ideas?
  18. I've finally made some headway into my first big (to me at least) project and wanted to share my progress.
  19. Using Python, AWS Lambda and Twilio to create an interactive VoIP music service
  20. Tor Browser automation with Selenium.
  21. mistletoe: a fast, extensible Markdown parser in Python
  22. Learn Python
  23. Is there a reason that a simple-to-use iso8601 parser isn't built into the standard library?
  24. Tracking inbound telephone calls using virtual numbers, Python and Flask
  25. String Functions: Nim vs Python • r/nim
  26. Making pong, need help with paddle implementation
  27. Improve Python testing with parameterisation

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