The Reason Why Draining The Swamp Is Taking So Long

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From 8 Chan, Q Anon gives a succinct explanation for the apparent perceived lack of action in cleaning out the corruption within the US Government. To put simply, it's so bad and extensive! They need to ensure everything is taken care of meticulously in order to ensure all of the bad actors are taken care of.


The swamp is indeed very deep and murky! Rest assured, many things are happening behind the scenes, and President Trump really is draining the swamp!

The Clinton Crime Syndicate is going down!👌🐸


Lock them all up! God bless Trump!

draining the swamp

might be just a little bit dangerous.

it didn't end well for the last president who tried that.

They are more cautious and thorough this time around. From what I have read, Obama is already in Gitmo @everittdmickey.🤗

I hope it's true!👌

The Kenyan in Gitmo?
I seriously doubt it.

I doubt it too, but it is a pleasant thought, LOL! :)