Recap of Quadrant Meetup in Singapore

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Just a few hours ago, we kicked off our Asian region roadshow with a meetup in Singapore. We were humbled by the healthy turnout and would like to thank everyone who came down to our meetup event.

The goal of the evening was to meet the Data Science community in Singapore, learn and understand their pressing needs, and present Quadrant Protocol, the blueprint for mapping decentralized data. Our CEO Mike Davie started the presentation by introducing Quadrant to the crowd and explained how we grew from DataStreamx and conceptualized Quadrant Protocol as a solution to the problems we kept seeing the data industry struggle with.

Actions speak louder than words
We wasted no time in getting down to business. We first got Sharique Azam, our Big Data and Blockchain engineer, to come on stage and do a live demo of our Producer and Consumer Clients.

Sharique Azam

Roger Ganga, our Data Scientist, was up next. We decided to make things more fun with his presentation. He followed up on Sharique’s live demo with a real-life use case on how Quadrant Protocol’s Producer and Consumer clients can be used. The topic: Deepfake videos. Have a look yourself

We have now officially integrated with Bluzelle’s decentralized storage solutions!

Integrating with Bluzelle’s Lovelace Decentralized Storage
Mike came back on stage and shared with us all a little secret that is now out of the bag.

We know many of you have been asking how we are working with Bluzelle. Our team of engineers have been busy and surprised everyone by showcasing a demo of both of our ecosystems integrated and working together to map decentralized data. It’s still early stages for this integration, and our crack team will be back at upgrading these integrations
We will be making a video demo available soon.

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