Entry to the Quarantine Contest

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Hello friends! I hope everyone is safe and away from this awful virus!

Today I am going to post my entry to the [Quarantine Contest] (
https://peakd.com/quarantine2020/@nathanpieters/quarantine-contest-what-i-m-doing-concurso-de-cuarantena-lo-que-hago) created by @nathanpieters to speak about our current state in Portugal and how I am spending my days since I'm in closure.

Portugal's situation

Portugal has been affected a lot, schools, stores, restaurants are all closed, only supermarkets and pharmacies are open.

At this point we have a total of 38.042 possible infected, 5.962 confirmed, 119 deaths and 43 people recovered.

Police are patrolling the streets and detaining people for disobedience, because now we can only leave home with a major reason.

Streets are empty, many on the balconies sharing music and doing home parties (like myself)! 😅

Amazing sunsets from my room window

My days

I have been working as a freelance translator for several years now, so tbh my routine didn't change that much. The only difference is that now I don't spend the day home alone!

I wake up, do some morning exercises (my amazing gym is streaming classes everyday, if you want to check it, you can follow them on instagram, classes are in Portuguese, sorry), bath and breakfast.

During the rest of the day I do some chores, check my e-mails, do some translation work, check my blog, see some films and series, play some games, etc. 📽🎮

I have also restarted painting an old canvas I had. Since I'm not very good at drawing I bought this extra hard paint by numbers and it has been a great way to spend time. 🖼

IMG_20200329_203645 1.jpg

At the moment we are 3 humans in house, because I had a friend visiting before this all started. One thing that everyone keeps telling me is to remember to hydrate myself and as you can see:

Checked ✅

I wish you all a nice Sunday and remember stay home, stay safe!

Love 💚


All photos used in this post belong to me and were taken with my Huawei P30 Lite. The image is from: Bitmoj.com


What is in there? Looks good. I never thought about using the mixer for alcoholic beverages!!

Strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, lemon juice and orange juice. And rum. Lots of rum.

CoYOX15  Imgur.jpg

It was indeed a very nice idea! Thanks @nathanpieters 💚

Hmm.. We do have Rum... And that recipe without bananas sounds amazing! Going to be our sunset drink today, well kind of adapted. Let's see how it tastes! 💚

Great post... we are trying to be safe in Canada.